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Latest Technical Updates

Newcrest Mining Cadia East project has been at the forefront of mine development with new technologies utilized to maximize underground development rates. Further innovative mining technologies and enhancements are planned to be employed in the establishment and operation of the mine.


downloaded 16_10_2011 359Illawarra Communications has provided the latest technology in communications utilising Tait P25 Digital proving to be pivotal in the new developments above and below ground. P25 (Project 25) is a Digital system developed by the US after September 11 to improve the United States home land security and overall Government services.

The system deployed has eight new channels and the change of four old channels to P25 utilising the Tait TB9100 Base. This product has the latest networking features and has some of the best remote monitoring and control with excellent performance available today. P25 repeaters, hand held’s and mobiles are able to be trunked enabling future expansion allowing excellent multi user capability.

The Cadia work force has over 1500 personnel on site per day and deploys heavy vehicles, light vehicles, rescue chambers, operation areas and a vast man machinery development system above and below ground. This requires a control centre with reliable communications. Illawarra Communications has a team of Electronic and Communication Technicians on site with 24 hour support that maintain the Cadia Radio Communications Network for the whole Cadia Valley Operations, including the Open Pit, Ridgeway and Ridgeway Deeps Underground.

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